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XML Football Calculated Stats

Calculated Player Stats

Average Yards Per Rush

Net Rushing Yards / Number of Rushes

Pass Completion Percentage

(Number of Passing Completions / Number of Passing Attempts) x 100

Average Yards Per Pass Completion

Net Passing Yards / Number of Passing Completions

Average Yards Per Reception

Total Receiving Yards / Number of Pass Receptions

Average Yards Per Punt

Gross Punting Yards / Number of Punts

Touchback Percentage

(Number of Punting Touchbacks / Number of Punts) x 100

Average Net Yards Per Punt

Net Punting Yards / Number of Punts

Average Yards Per Punt Return

Number of Punt Return Yards / Number of Punt Returns

Average Yards Per Kickoff

Number of Kickoff Yards / Number of Kickoffs

Average Yards Per Kickoff Return

Number of Kickoff Return Yards / Number of Kickoff Returns

Kicking Extra Point Percentage

(Number of Extra Point Kicks Made / Number of Extra Point Kicks Attempted) x 100

Average Successful Field Goal Distance

Number of Yards from Field Goals Made / Number of Field Goals Made

Field Goal Percentage

(Field Goals Made / Field Goals Attempted) x 100

Average Yards Per Interception Return

Number of Defensive Interception Return Yards / Number of Defensive Interceptions

Interceptions Per Game

Number of Defensive Interceptions / Games Played

Average Number of Tackles Per Game

Number of Tackles / Games Played

Average Number of Defensive Sacks Per Game

Number of Defensive Sacks / Games Played

Average Yards Per Sack

Total Sack Yards / Number of Defensive Sacks

Quarterback Starting Winning Percentage

Quarterback Starting Wins / Games Started

Calculated Team Stats

Total Touchdowns

Rushing Touchdowns + Passing Touchdowns + Punt Return Touchdowns + Kickoff Return Touchdowns + Fumble Recovery Touchdowns + Other Touchdowns

Total Number of First Downs

Rushing First Downs + Passing First Downs + Penalty First Downs

Number of First Downs Per Game

Total Number of First Downs / Games Played

Third Down Efficiency

(Number of Successful Third Downs / Number of Third Downs Attempted) x 100

Fouth Down Efficiency

(Number of Successful Fourth Downs / Number of Fourth Downs Attempted) x 100

Total Net Yards

Rushing Net Yards + Passing Net Yards

Average Yards Per Game

Total Net Yards / Games Played

Number of Offensive Plays

Number of Rushing Plays Attempted + Number of Passing Plays Attempted

Average Yards Gained Per Play

Total Net Yards / Number of Offensive Plays

Average Yards Per Rush

Net Rushing Yards / Number of Rushes

Average Rush Yards Per Game

Net Rushing Yards / Games Played

Net Passing Yards Per Completion

Net Passing Yards / Passing Completions

Gross Passing Yards Per Completion

Gross Passing Yards / Passing Completions

Net Passing Yards Per Game

Net Passing Yards / Games Played

Gross Passing Yards Per Game

Gross Passing Yards / Games Played

Calculated Standings Stats

Winning Percentage

Total Wins + (Total Ties / 2) / Total Games Played

Games Behind Leader

(Total Wins for 1st Place Team - Total Wins for Team B) + (Total Losses for Team B - Total Losses for 1st Place Team) / 2